Online events designed to bridge the gap during global uncertainty

New and scheduled dates for our online events will be published on this page.?The events are hosted on an immersive virtual platform for easy networking and access to resources.?

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Student Success Forum (virtual)

Date: 18 September 2020

At this one-day virtual event, we examine how Covid-19 has reshaped the student experience – and how it will continue to do so for the short and longer term.

We will ask how universities are adapting to the ‘new normal’ and ensuring that students can continue to learn, exchange knowledge, socialise and become active members of their university communities.

Programme themes include:?

  • Student mental health and well-being
  • Digital revolution
  • Student finances
  • Universities as engines of social empowerment

Digital Transformation Forum (virtual)

Date: 21 October 2020

What have we learned about the digitalisation of higher education in 2020? This one-day virtual forum brings together experts from across higher education to examine the evolving role of digital technologies.

We will ask:

  • Has the impact of Covid-19 accelerated existing trends or catalysed new strategic innovations entirely?
  • Has online learning created a more level playing field or do we risk creating new inequalities?
  • What are the essential skills academics need in order to deliver high-quality online courses – or do we risk being replaced by robots?
  • Do we understand how to use the right data to improve student engagement and success?
  • How is digital technology empowering researchers to adapt their techniques and models of collaboration, and to improve impact?

Leadership & Management Summit (virtual)

Date: 3 November 2020

The return to campus and uncertainty over the next academic year will present university leaders with an imperative to realign their priorities and rebuild a sustainable university model that can thrive in the next era of challenges.

During this one-day virtual summit we will seek to challenge the current model for university leadership and explore:

  • Adaptive leadership during a crisis
  • The triumphs and pitfalls of a technology-driven research, teaching and learning environment
  • Diversity and the need to champion an equal and inclusive campus
  • Strategies for designing an efficient funding model
  • The evolving role of reputation in a post-truth world

Delegates will also gain exclusive access to the?THE?World Reputation Rankings 2020, which reveals the top universities with the best reputations, as determined by academics around the world.

THE Live Asia (virtual)

Date: 17?November 2020

This event forms a fundamental part of the celebration of the THE Awards Asia 2020 shortlist, with the winners being announced during a special ceremony.

By recognising outstanding leadership and institutional performance across a range of categories, we hope to celebrate excellence in Asian higher education in all its diversity.

Find out more about?THE?Awards Asia

THE Live UK (virtual)

Date: 26 November 2020

At this year’s?THE?Live, the UK’s must-attend higher education event, we will be discussing the most pressing issues facing UK universities including:

  • Britain’s place in the global higher education system
  • the state of the UK HE market
  • financial challenges facing the sector
  • how to improve your workplace culture for staff and early-career researchers.

This year's?Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Symposium?will also be happening at?THE?Live UK.

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