Leaders of change:
building a sustainable future for universities

3 November 2020

We are living through uncertain times and universities around the world are transitioning through a period of radical change and adjustment. The return to campus and uncertainty over the next academic year will present university leaders with an imperative to realign their priorities and rebuild a sustainable university model that can thrive in the next era of challenges.

During this one-day virtual summit we will seek to challenge the current model for university leadership and explore:

  • Adaptive leadership during a crisis
  • The triumphs and pitfalls of a technology-driven research, teaching and learning environment
  • Diversity and the need to champion an equal and inclusive campus
  • Strategies for designing an efficient funding model
  • The evolving role of reputation in a post-truth world


world reputation rankings 2020 logo

The summit will also feature the exclusive live reveal of the? THE World Reputation Rankings 2020, which reveals the top universities with the best reputations, as determined by academics around the world.

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